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    Apr 4, 2006
      You'll have more than I for your lecture. We are
      expecting heavy rain tonight and that will cut down on
      attendance. Do what ya gotta do though. I think you
      will have a very interested audience in Kingfisher
      however. He's their local boy you know. In my
      lectures the questions that seem to continually come
      up are:

      1. If he's from Oklahoma, how does he rate so high in
      Hawaii....you know the desert vs the sea kind of

      2. Why wasn't he married sooner? Was he gay?

      3. Why wasn't he more popular in Hollywood, if he was
      so good?

      4. Why do you think he disappeared off the map after
      he died? Do you think you can really revive his work
      and life?

      Think about these questions ahead of time. They might
      just come up or as I do, I just lead into them ahead
      of time as part of my intro. Hope it goes well and
      you have a ton of people...tj
      --- keith2draw <keith2draw@...> wrote:


      I got a 'google alert' of your talk. I have google
      alert me if anything comes up in the news for
      Blanding, which rarely happens, as you know.

      Well Tom, a market of 18,000 is alot more than I have.
      Kingfisher has about 5,000
      inhabitants. I don't expect an audience of more than
      thirty or forty folks at my talk, which I
      just found out was at 7:00pm. Apperently the Don
      Blanding Poetry Society in Enid has been

      Good luck with your talk!


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