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3955DB's home in North Hollywood/Hollywood

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  • K Cotter
    Mar 21, 2006
      Aha! Now I know where the confusion lies. The pretty home shown in the
      photo file, 1154 Ogden Dr., is in Hollywood, CA. Not to be confused
      with North Hollywood, CA which is 15 miles to the north of Hollywood
      over a range of hills. It has been so long I can't remember if I ran
      across the address for Edithe or Keith did but I know I was conversing
      with Keith at the time. The site where she was supposed to live in the
      1940's or 1950's was in a neighborhood that was always shabby and
      horsey and is now just plain shabby. I will have to look up that
      address as I didn't keep it but I know exactly where it was. If anyone
      recognizes the address in North Hollywood that I will post tomorrow
      from their searches, let me know and I will be happy to take a photo of
      what's there now. I'm very sure they are not the original buildings.
      There is no Ogden out here (I live in North Hollywood and have for 55
      years) but definitely there's an Ogden in Hollywood. I have no doubt DB
      and Edithe would have lived in Hollywood but I can't imagine him out
      here in those days. There were folks involved in the motion picture
      industry living in this neighborhood in North Hollywood but they were
      all stuntmen, horse wranglers and others who had horses.