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3950Fred Genee' poem

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    Mar 21, 2006
      Hand written poem from Edithe's husband. A card
      (dated Oct 11, 1946) in the book Today is Here suggest
      they were at a party held in their honor as they
      traveled. The poem makes me wonder if famous Fan
      Dancer, Sally Rand was not there.....Fred's poem:

      What a wonderful girl is
      Sally Rand,
      The why I never could understand
      Till she went through the stubble
      Which burst her bubble,
      But that wasn't the end of all
      Of her trouble,
      For as she ran, she drop't her fan
      Then I knew the Why about Sally Rand

      This book was signed by DB to, Daisy Lee who evidently
      through the party and hosted them for the night.

      Just thought y'all might get a kick outa this poem.....tj
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