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  • Tom Markle
    Mar 18, 2006
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      I bought a Vagabond's House book at a little used book store for $3. In it, I
      discovered a letter hand written by Don to Mrs. Ethel Chaffee Haag of San
      Carlos, Ca., Evidently they had never personally met but had been pen pals
      of sorts.
      What is most interesting is that the letter was postmarked 12/23/40 from Ft.
      Pierce Florida. In the letter Don sadly relates that:

      "As relates Scotty Creager. I have sad news. He was my closest and dearest
      friend. A fine man, thoughtful, loyal and a grand companion. He died very
      suddently in Honolulu this last August, cerebral hemmorage, almost
      instantaneously. I miss him so much. He had married the year before. His
      wife had precededed him to the coast and he was leaving for the States in a
      week. It has been a great shock to all of us who loved him."

      He then writes about being the luckiest guy around having married Dorothy
      and having a ready made family who loves him and he loves them. He signs
      off with his usual Goofus bird signature but has 2 birds instead of one, facing
      each other, obviously it is he and Dorothy. The letter is written on the
      Talisman pamphlet (actually letter head) with the Talisman story inside.
      Quite a find for $3. I had wondered how Scotty had actually died and now I
      know from the horses mouth, so to speak. The book was also inscribed to
      Ethel Mignon Haag, a different middle name than what was on the letter itself.
      Just thought you'd like to know this piece of info if you didn't know it before..tj
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