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  • haven putnam
    Jan 21, 2000
      Aloha Tom
      Do you have an e-mail address on Ron ?
      MAHALO Haven Putnam

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      >Subject: [aloha-donblanding] Re: Blanding
      >Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 11:47:55 EST
      >I was told by Ron Jacobs a Honolulu Resident that his estate was left to
      >Friends of the Library of Hawai'i not the Bishop Museum. But in 1990 when
      >worked on the project the "Friends" didn't have a clue.
      >Jacobs also collected all Blandings Columns (I don't know if they have
      >Ajinomoto in them ha ha). He and I collaborated on a fortune cookie
      >for a Restaurant concept, using excerpts from Blandings columns and poems
      >fortunes. We dedicated to Blanding the restaurant called Hula Moons which
      >in its renaisance now at Outrigger Wailea Resort on Maui. The Restaurant
      >an extensive collection of Blanding Memorabilia, from prints, phonograph
      >records, Aloha shirts, china and books.
      >If you have any questions about Hula Moons Reataurant call Bill Boyd at 808
      >If you come to Maui stay at our Historic Bed and Breakfast Inn called the
      >Wailuku Inn at Ulupono. The Inn built in 1924 has been renovated and
      >the comfort and feel of that era with all the modern amenities. To capture
      >the spirit of that era we themed the Inn around My Old Hawaiian Garden and
      >use the verses from it and from his collaboration with TJ Mundorf to carry
      >out the theme. Each room has authentic Hawaiian Quilt in the pattern of
      >Blanding flower poem. The Mokihana room is sure to ...twine your heart...
      >with memories while you live... and the Red hibiscus room .. with red
      >lips...The Landscape Architect used the poem in the Landscape concept. So
      >the Yellow Allamanda grows in Gold Profusion on our walls, and Lonely gray
      >palm tree creates shadows in the lily ponds... And everything grows
      >in unruly manner. There is a huge monkey pod tree with noisy mynah bird
      >in the morning. You can view our Inn at www.mauiinn.com. It will surely
      >any Blanding fans delight. We are featured on Travel Channel's Best Places
      >to Kiss TV Maui in 2000 so watch for it.
      >Tom Fairbanks
      > The Old Wailuku Inn at Ulupono
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