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3879Re: Ebay Blanding auction site offerings

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  • keith2draw
    Jan 6, 2006

      We both have our eyes on the same prize. I'm leaving on Sunday for a week in San Francisco,
      but have programmed my auction bidder to place absentee bids on all three items. If I'm
      lucky enough to win any or all of the items I will gladly share copies with you.

      As for the photo negative...I contacted the seller and asked her if there were any more of
      Blanding. She had 11 Blanding negatives, which were all slightly damaged in some way. I paid
      her $100 for all of them and she sent them in the mail yesterday. She said the 11 negs were
      from a later sitting. My brother is a professional photographer and has provided me with the
      name of a company which restores damaged negatives...so we'll see what comes of it.

      I'll be attending the MacWorld Conference in S.F., and will be hitting the library and local
      bookstores in my spare time.

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