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3857Don Blanding from the past

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  • Linda Cast
    Dec 6, 2005
      Hi all,

      This thread came to me because of a long-ago search for Blanding, and it would be fun to share my story with you....

      In 1964 I was in the Navy when I found a ragged, well-loved, scribbled copy of Leaves from a Grass House in the tiny Oak Knoll Naval Hospital library. It became my treasure - I read it over & over, and carried it around for years. Then when I was gone for a while, someone donated my things to charity. That was in North Carolina, and it never was found. What a loss!

      However, the Blanding pleasures persisted, and an odd coincidence happened in about 1995 or so. While on a visit to California I went to a yard sale, and found (no, not MY book), but a book on fish that Don Blanding had signed and donated to a fish club! Hurriedly paying the 50 cents, I then felt honor bound to tell the sellers what it was, and ask if they wanted it back. Get this! The seller's mother, very ill, was the woman whom Don had considered nearly a sister. She had pictures, books, and much other personal memorabilia from all the years of their friendship. Her daughter showed me some art that she herself owned, and we both looked forward to her mother's recovery. However, her mother died shortly thereafter. I don't recall her name or the city.

      It's a delight to find you guys out there.

      Linda Cast

      keith2draw <keith2draw@...> wrote: Cadia - I'm glad you approve.

      Keep in mind, this is just an appetizer before the main course. The
      biography is actually coming along well. I've made huge strides with
      certain areas of Don's life.

      With this book (which plugs this website, by the way) we can bring
      in new folks who aren't necessarily poetry lovers. Almost all the
      material in the book is Hawaiian-themed, so that 'grabs' the
      Hawaiiana market too.

      I'm going to start compiling stories and articles for volume two.
      There are articles Don wrote for Town & Country and Decorative Arts
      Magazine that I'm trying to track down. I also have three short
      stories that he co-wrote with Nell Martin still to find.

      The exciting news is that today I was invited to lecture to the
      Friends of the Kingfisher Library in April during Book Week. They
      are offering to pay all my expenses and have a book signing. I'm
      feeling a spooky kinship with Blanding. I can get some research done
      while I'm there.


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