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3853Re: Blanding book on ebay - Lost Works - NEW!

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  • Cadia Los
    Dec 5, 2005
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      Keith ....

      I am so thrilled that your book is a reality at last! There's much
      more research to be done for the definitive biography, but this is a
      great start and may well prompt further contributions from people who
      are not yet aware of this group or our websites.

      When I get a chance this week, I'm going to contact the Seattle
      library and ask how many copies they would like to purchase, for both
      reference and circulation. I may also stop in at my favorite
      independent bookstore to see if they're interested.

      If each of us did that ....

      Several members of the Seattle-area postcard club asked me just
      yesterday "when is the Blanding book coming out?" (That was before
      I'd checked my e-mail for the weekend.)

      At our meeting, I displayed an album of Blanding ephemera (as I had
      in September). One club member who had not seen it before was the
      lady who met Blanding in Carmel in July 1944, when she was on her
      honeymoon. She so enjoyed the photos -- thanks especially to Bev who
      provided copies of TJ's photos of the Carmel vagabond's house. She
      could not recall if this was the house she visited in 1944; I think
      likely it is the one he owned in the 1930s.

      Recently I acquired a postcard typed by DB but not addressed. It
      refers to an actor seen "on the boulevard" and to being "up here."
      The card is dated April 1944; DB is obviously referring to Hollywood
      Boulevard and to his being in Carmel at the time he wrote the
      message. TJ, you might want to dig into the April-August 1944 Pine
      Cone to see what you can find. I know my friend would love any
      tidbits you can unearth.

      Running low on computer time tonight ... more soon!

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