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3852Lost Works

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  • Tom Markle
    Dec 4, 2005
      Congrats Keith and I am jealous. You've worked hard at researching DB and
      deserve recognition for that. We also need to recognize Cadia and all her
      sight unseen work. Without her and this webpage most of us would not know
      each other as we do. As to my world, I've been under reconstruction with a
      writing coach that is trying to revamp the writing style of this "old dog". It's
      difficult to put together pages of what I know only to have her smile and say,
      "but why would I want to buy this book"? If anything I'm enjoying the day by
      day journey which is what I'm sure DB said in his most difficult moments. Life
      is good, we had our first snow here last week and I thought of DB in Bend,
      feeding his ducks (why, I don't know)! Merry Christmas to all of you....tj