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3845Honolulu Star-Bulletin - 1923

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  • Cadia Los
    Oct 14 4:32 PM
      I've just begun reading more microfilm from the Star-Bulletin, this
      time from 1923.

      In January 1923, DB was working for the Charles Fraser agency, not the
      newspaper. So far, I've found an item about the steamer Calawaii, put
      into service between Los Angeles and Honolulu in mid-February 1923;
      this was the ship on which DB returned to Hawaii in 1926 from his
      Hollywood sojourn. I also found a photo of the ship.

      Of greater interest is a lengthy article about a 6-man "commercial art"
      exhibit in Honolulu -- A.S. MacLeod and John Poole, both on the S-B-
      staff; William Gillies and Martin R. Eden of the Advertiser; Twigg
      Smith and Don Blanding. Our boy gets very high praise for his work,
      and he is in exceedingly good company!

      I'll try to transcribe the entire article within the next few weeks.
      Meanwhile, 5 more reels of microfilm to go!

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