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    Aug 23, 2005
      Thanks Cadia, appreciate this help. I"ve emailed him
      but no results yet and wasn't sure I had the correct
      address for him, etc. Met an old friend of yours,
      whose card is back at the motorhome and I can't
      remember what it was right now, but he works for
      Replacements, Inc., in North Carolina which my wife
      and I visited. They had some DB ceramics in their
      museum and he was the one who came down to speak to me
      about them, etc. He was from Seattle and new you
      personally and may have been a seller also. I'll get
      his name and email you that on the next stop where I
      can get online. Its a small world isn't it! In
      Savannah right now and it is hot/humid with LOUD
      thunderstorms booming overhead. Will start my
      westward trip as of tomorrow and be home in about 6
      weeks after 5 months on the road. tj

      --- Cadia Los <duchess@...> wrote:

      TJ ...

      I sent an e-mail tonight to Jim Whiteley (note correct
      spelling) to the
      only addy I have.

      Beyond that, if I am not working on Tuesday, I may be
      able to call the
      museum and find out more info for you.

      Safe travels!


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