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3803Re: [aloha-donblanding] Re: Where am I???

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    Jul 27, 2005
      tj has been through NYC, Boston, Philly, Fredrick,
      several small historic burgs and now in DC, leaving
      tomorrow for Virgina somewhere.....will begin heading
      West late next week and will make stops in Taos and
      Great Plains Museum on the way back. No one on the
      East Coast in any Vistors Bureau has heard of ole DB,
      neither has any antique dealer that I've talked to so
      far. I keep asking though, never know when you score
      the big one. Life is good, money is getting shorter
      and shorter (we're staying in truck stops and
      Crackerbarrel restaurants when we can because it is
      free. To bad I don't have the stuff DB had or I could
      overnight at the White House which we toured today.
      life is good...tj

      --- Cadia Los <duchess@...> wrote:

      Hello, TJ, thanks for checking in!

      DB's address in NYC was 145 East 40th St., a couple
      blocks south of
      Grand Central Station in the Murray Hill District. By
      now, the
      address is probably a modern co-op or apartment
      building, or may have
      been swallowed up by a much larger building.

      The reference to being "in the shadow of the Empire
      State Building" is
      not too far off, however. Even though the ESB is on
      the west side,
      it's within a brisk 10-minute walk. In the mid-1960s,
      I lived on East
      36th St. (a scant 4 blocks from DB's address, had I
      only known!), and
      frequently walked over there to meet visitors on the
      observation deck.

      Please let us know your next destination(s) ... for
      addresses and
      directions that might be useful.


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