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3751Don Blanding in Honolulu on Feb. 12, 1916?

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  • Curt Blanding
    Apr 16, 2005
      I finally got back to the Diamond Head Theater in Honolulu and took
      photographs of the historical poster that I mentioned to the group a while ago.

      The poster clearly claims that Don was in the play "In a Persian Garden" on
      Feb. 12, 1916. This, of course, is a conflict with Keith's research which
      determined that Don arrived in Honolulu in December of 1916. I haven't
      taken the time to try to find someone at the theater to check with about
      what documentation they have to substantiate the accuracy of their dates.

      I have put some of the pictures on my website and here is the URL:

      If you have any trouble viewing it or if you want a copy of the files, just
      send me an email directly at

      Keith - If you want to check this out further, I have the name and phone
      number for the director of the theater.

      The theater has a nice website with a history page at:
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