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  • keith2draw
    Apr 7, 2005
      Hi Cadia,

      I have copies of Don's Canadian military records which definately
      has him in the CEF from Jan. 11th, 1916 until Sept. 15th, 1916. He
      has stated many times that it was while returning from Canada that
      he saw THE BIRD OF PARADISE in Kansas City...which launched him off
      on his first Hawaiian jaunt.

      We've also debated that maybe he went to Hawaii first in 1915 and
      THEN went to the CEF...but I also have his Chicago Art Institute
      records which have him enrolled in classes in 1915.

      So I'm very confident that it was in Dec. of 1916 that he arrived in
      Hawaii. He said on several occasions that he was TERRIBLE with dates
      and I think the 1915 date in the 1955 article was blurred by 40
      years of time. It is one of the reasons that I'm still trying to
      prove that he was in fact born in 1893 instead of the commonly
      believed 1894 date. 1893 was the year entered on almost all of his
      early records...and then later in life he began to use 1894.

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