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3708Travel Magazine December 1929

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  • koosahfalls
    Dec 5 10:34 PM
      Hello, I am a very new member to this Yahoo Group and I will honestly
      say that I only found you while doing research before posting some
      books and magazines of my Mother's estate on EBay. We have a December
      1929 issue of Travel Magazine. I worked at the Eugene (Oregon) Public
      Library for 21 years and managed the periodical Department for 11 of
      those years. The Library was going to discard our back issues of
      Travel Magazine and I rescued some before I resigned in protest (long
      story, but it hurt to much to let history be only available in
      electronic format). My Mother shares my love of the printed history
      and I gave her many issues of rescued magazines.
      I wanted to let members of the group know that I will be posting this
      item on Ebay within the next couple days. The magazine is in great
      shape and the illustrations are crisp and clear. It has a faint
      library stamp on the front cover. I hope I am not vilating any group
      rules by posting this message but I have been so impressed by the
      devotion and passion that the group seems to hold for Don Blanding
      that I wanted to let you know it would be available. There is a
      dealer who also has a listing for this issue. I contacted him but he
      did not respond. Please forgive me if this seems too self-lucrative.
      Please see my photos.
      Thank you Ada June