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3682Romance cards #2

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  • tjmarkle@earthlink.net
    Oct 2, 2004
      Thanks Keith and others; I have the 11 cards you show on your site plus two others. The intact box I have does not reference the number of cards in it such as the colored card box does. If you look on page 72 of Today is Here (1946), the artwork is the same as one of two cards you don't show on your site. I believe most if not all of these cards come from Today is Here. That would make sense. The odd ball card I have (#13) is a rather bland card showing plant branches and leaves with the following poem underneath:

      Sea-oats on the lonely shore
      Like the wives of fishermen
      Weaving and swaying
      Waiting and praying

      This card set up is just like the others but I don't find it in Today is Here and so I think it might be from something else. I'll review this a little closer tomorrow. It just seems that 13 cards would be a little unusual and maybe there is another entire set out there that we haven't come across yet. Me thinks that the card from page 72 is probably the 12th card as it comes from Today is Here. As a side note also in Today is Here, on page 58 is a rather blustery Autumn art piece by DB and I own the original artwork to it...kind of neat. It is enscribed to Grace Ballard with DB's typical signature/bird in pencil and dated March 27th 1946......lets see, I was 3 1/2 years old then. My granddaughter loved this piece of art so I had Kinko's make a copy (and CD) which I gave to her as part of her High School graduation present. I still have the CD of course.....tj