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3678DB's Romance Card Series

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  • tjmarkle@earthlink.net
    Oct 2 10:48 AM
      Some time ago I purchased a set of DB's black/white romance cards including the original box and envelopes. In the box were 13 empty envelopes and 11 cards. All of the envelopes were aged about the same and so I concluded that a full set would be 13 cards to match the envelopes (what logic I have). I now have thirteen different romance cards. However, it seems to me that 13 is an unusual number and 12 would seem the norm. So, my question to the group is: Does anyone have another set of these cards and if so, how many cards/envelopes are in it? Could there be two sets of these with 12 per set? I know DB did a Desert series also but the series I have isn't of the Desert. Any help out there on this? Otherwise, I might conclude that lucky 13 is the number and I now have a complete set. I have many duplicates now as I had to buy up lots to get one card that I didn't have....tj
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