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3668Re: San Francisco passenger lists

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  • Cadia Los
    Sep 29, 2004
      I queried my sister but she has dropped her Ancestry.com membership,
      which did not include the passenger lists database anyway. The
      passenger lists very well may have been culled from the newspapers!

      Learning about Ida's visit to Honolulu is the big deal here. I
      haven't read 1917 S-B's yet, but I'm about to put October-December on
      my microfilm list.

      We know that DB arrived in Honolulu on December 22, 1916 aboard the
      Great Northern via Hilo, and that he could not afford to disembark
      there. The ship's departure from California should be easy to find
      in newspapers, especially since the Great Northern was a brand new

      For both 1939 and 1940, I know DB's travel dates and the ship or
      clipper on which he traveled -- well documented in the Star-Bulletin
      with both articles and passenger lists.

      For 1925, I was able to deduce December but not the exact date, based
      on material from both 1925 and 1926. (Remember, DB apparently broke
      his engagement to Ruth and headed for Los Angeles to do the Hollywood

      Actually, I may still be able to find the date -- arrivals and
      departures are well documented in the S-B, even without passenger
      lists. Now knowing the ship's name, I can go back and find the 2 or
      3 dates in December that she left Honolulu.

      If actual ships' logs are available for perusal, they may yield
      additional interesting details. Personally, I'd love to find
      original records of the clippers -- is there a Pan Am collection

      In any case, each little bit helps ... so keep digging!

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