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3618Marriage certificate - Hugh R. Blanding & Ida Blanding, 1881

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  • Cadia Los
    Apr 19, 2004
      Hello, all ...

      This has been a busy and rewarding month for me.

      I've just acquired several pieces of DB correspondence from the
      daughter of a couple whom he knew in Hawaii in the 1950s. One item
      is a jumbo postcard (Mount Rainier) postmarked from Wenatchee,
      Washington on April 18, 1957, during what was to be DB's final tour.

      Then, via eBay, I've finally obtained a copy of "Paradise Loot," the
      one DB book absent from my collection.

      And just today, I received a copy of the marriage license and
      certificate for Hugh R. Blanding and Ida Bacon, who were married on
      October 24, 1881, in Chester, Wabasha County, Minnesota. After
      several tries over more than 2 years ... success!

      I've uploaded an image to Files: Genealogy: Photos and you may also
      view the document at


      The license was granted "being satisfied by the oath of A. L. Kimball
      [sic] that there is no legal impediment thereto"; that would be
      Albert L. Kimble, Ida's elder brother.

      The certificate lists as witnesses Sarah J. Hudson, Ida's sister, and
      Erastus B. Kimble, another brother. The minister was H. K. Painter
      and both documents are signed by District Court clerk Chas. J. Rauff.

      I also had requested the documents for Ida's first marriage to Edwin
      Bacon (1872) but the Wabasha County recorder could not locate them.
      Nor could he find the 1877 death certificate for Edwin. Perhaps both
      events occurred in other county, possibly Anoka County where their
      daughter Jessie was born in 1876. I'll be sending another inquiry
      this week.

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