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3614Re: Dead Poets Society

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  • keith2draw
    Mar 24, 2004
      Karen, Bev & tj

      I'm all too familiar with California's housing prices. I lived in
      Santa Cruz for four years...and San Diego for almost a year. I love
      it there, but unless I win the lottery, I just don't see it
      happening. I'm a graphic designer by trade, and you CAN make good
      money if you get into the right advertising agency or have a highly
      marketable specialty...but I tend to like working at colleges, which
      pay far less than in the more competitive markets. I just prefer the
      academic atmosphere to the cut-throat business world.

      Incidentally, when we were in Oregon I visited a bookstore in
      Corvallis which had one of the largest collections of Hawaiiana I
      have ever seen. They had about six long shelves of books about
      Hawaii, fiction & non-fiction, and happened to have a good thirty
      Blanding books. They even had Flowers of the Rainbow ($300).

      Powell's Books in Portland also had a dozen Blandings.

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