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  • keith2draw
    Mar 23, 2004
      Welcome back tj,

      Yes, it has been a little quiet around here. The Carmel Blanding book idea sounds
      interesting...I wish you luck putting that together.

      My book has stalled a bit of late...too much time spent on fatherhood, work, and getting
      the house fixed up for a possible resale next year. I try and work on Blanding when I can,
      but haven't had any big leaps for awhile. Still some research to do in Hawaii, as Bev
      mentioned, but I'm trying to write the chapters in which I already have adequate material
      until I can afford a jaunt to the islands. This is one of the businest periods of my life, so
      the research and writing has had to take a back seat to everything else.

      The book won't be as expansive as you might think tj...I'm very aware that too many
      details would bog down the story, and bore readers...but I'm always looking for the small
      details nonetheless as they often lead to major breakthroughs. I'm hoping for a 250-300
      page book which summarizes the important phases of his life (Lawton, Chicago, Taos,
      Carmel, Florida, New York and Hollywood) with a larger focus on his days in Honolulu,
      which he is of course most associated with.

      Vanessa and I hope to relocate from Colorado to the west coast next year, possibly
      Oregon. We went there last month for a week and really liked Portland and Corvallis. The
      only thing that bothers us is the high unemployment rate there. We also might consider
      Northern California, but are not sure if we can afford the high cost of living there.

      The east coast is a slim possibility too...maybe Florida or North Carolina. Any advice from
      the group?

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