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3606RE: [aloha-donblanding] Dead Poets Society

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  • tjmarkle@earthlink.net
    Mar 22, 2004
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      Yes Bev, I remember Al landy. He attended the grand opening of my show and was just amazed at what he fell into with the house. It was too bad he had already remodeled it before he knew about DB. I have some old photo's of what I think is the Carmel Vagabond House circa 1938. They were in the scrapbook that I found at the Vagabond House Inn. I was going to contact Al and show him the photo's. I thought he might really like to see them. Presently, I am compiling all the Carmel Pine Cone Newspaper articles from/about DB from 1936-1957. I have promised copies of that historical binder to the Vagabond House Inn, the Carmel Pine Cone and the Historical Library. They all wanted copies of the research. I have some requests to put together a local Carmel book on DB and his life and times there. Some think it would sell good in Carmel/Monterey. My problem is that I'm gone too much right now and can't focus on the task of writing. I'm also not as detail oriented as Keith and so my book plan would not be as expansive as Keith might envision. I guess I'll have to break down and buy a damn laptop and take it with me. That kind of book would be a good way to see what the overall market would be for a bigger book like Keith is doing. Well, more thinking to do before I hit the road in June again.......aloha....tj

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      Welcome back TJ,<BR>
        Maybe now that you are back we’ll have some talking on this site.  I<BR>
      received a copy of DB’s Carmel Pine Cone article about finding his house and<BR>
      sent it on to the present owner.  You remember Al.  He called and told me how<BR>
      much he loves Don’s house and that the Jan 21st ’38 article expresses his<BR>
      feelings about the house when he is in it.  I thought you might like to know<BR>
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