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  • tjmarkle2003
    Mar 22, 2004
      After 7 weeks on the road, I expected to come back to some interesting
      tidbits. Instead, I find the Dead Poets Society on line. What's up? In my
      travels, I found absolutely nothing new relating to DB. Not even Monterey/
      Carmel area turned up anything exciting for me. I have found that several
      "antique" stores in the Monterey area are cutting up old DB books and framing
      the book art and trying to pass them off as ligit.....so, buyer beware out there.
      Keith, I will dig up my Hayward material and continue on with it. Actually,
      I'm as interested in visiting my old campus as digging up the material for you.
      So, how's the book coming???? Other than that, the trip was exciting, going
      into Puerto Penasco Mexico for two weeks and now finding that I can go
      deeper into Mexico (250 miles further) to some other interesting areas will be
      exciting for next year. Good to be home and hug my DB collection one more
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