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  • keith2draw
    Mar 4, 2004
      I'm selling the following Don Blanding items on ebay:

      Colorful Hawaii, written by Don Blanding in the 1940s
      Photos by Mike Roberts
      Item #3901421225

      Alohaland sheet music, by R. Alex Anderson, 1925
      Don Blanding did the cover artwork (from Paradise Loot)
      Item #3708627997

      Will You Remember Hawaii?, sheet music, 1951
      Words by Don Blanding, music by Edwin Sawtelle
      Item #3708632766

      So Is He..., sheet music, 1950s
      Words by Don Blanding, music by Irma Glen
      Item #3708639127

      Musings II, by Charles Brewer, 1955
      Inscribed to Don Blanding by the author
      Item #3592399448

      Assembly Call, A Flyer's Dad, (WWII play) 1943
      Signed by Don Blanding and given to someone as gift
      Includes original Don Blanding typewritten poem
      Item #3592400899

      Soldier, What Did You See? sheet music, 1944
      Words by Don Blanding, music by Norman Soreng Wright
      Item #3708653829

      Aloha From Hawaii, songbook, 1934
      Features "Gold" by Don Blanding
      Plus 5 songs by others, including Clifford Gessler
      Item #3708658081

      All auctions end on Wed., March 10th, so don't miss out on these unusual items.

      Keith Emmons
      (ebay handle: keith2draw)