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3574Re: Inez Ashdown Aloha Kahoolawe

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  • RSRICHMOND@aol.com
    Dec 17, 2003
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      Mauibandb@... (sorry I haven't got your name) posted this wonderful text
      and translation - thanks for the 'okina (glottal stop) and at least occasional
      kahako (phonemic vowel length marker). My Hawaiian is fairly minimal, but
      let's go anyway - I love this mele. - Kaho'olawe - the smallest of the eight
      islands - a sacred place in `âina (the land) - was taken over as a gunnery range
      at the beginning of WW II and is now being reclaimed by native Hawaiians who
      are trying to clear the island of unexploded ordinance. When a Hawaiian - even a
      haole like myself who just happens to have been born there in 1939, thanks to
      the US Army, and has not a drop of koko (native blood) uses the word `âina -
      the sacred land (like `eretz in Hebrew) you better listen - Ke aloha ku pa`a o
      ka`âina is the last line of this mele. Do what you can to make peace and
      aloha in every`âina.

      Ke ala no i Kahiki - there lies the passage to Tahiti - sublime conceit -
      Kealaikahiki "this way to Tahiti" Channel passes by Kaho'olawe. Kahiki (Tahiti in
      Hawaiian phonetics) is the farthest-away place Hawaiian knows of - so a
      pineapple is hala.kahiki (pandanus fruit from Tahiti) - rather like "guinea pig"
      and "horseradish" in English - Meerschweinchen and Meerrettich in German - sorry
      for the ramble, folks, it's been a long day.

      Bob Richmond
      Knoxville TN and Gastonia NC
      born O'ahu (Tripler Army Hospital) 1939
      and great fan of Don Blanding's Stowaways in Paradise (first read to me when
      I was five)
      Aloha Kaho`olawe - Inez Ashdown, Pilahi Paki & Irmgard Farden Aluli - Source:
      In 1963, Inez Ashdown was reminiscing of her experiences on Kaho`olawe.
      Pilahi Paki translated the English into Hawaiian and Irmgard set it to music, a
      song composed in one day. Copyright Criterion Music Corp

      E o mai e Kaho`olawe
      Moku o ka Pakipika
      Ku a moana a na kai
      Ke ala no i Kahiki
      `O `oe no ka`u i aloha
      Ka `ike `ana i na moku lana
      Ho`olana nei ku`u aloha
      Ke aloha no o na kai

      Kula `ula o Moa`ula
      Na awawa o Kamohio
      Na `ale kai o Kanapou
      Ku`u `aina i aloha ai
      Maluna au o ka lio holo
      Ka `ike aku ia li`ulana
      Ho`opa mai o ka Moa`e
      Ka makani o ka `aina

      Aloha no `oe e Kaho`olawe
      Moku o ka Pakipika
      Kaulana no kou inoa
      I kakau a na kanaka
      Ha`ina na pua lei na mamo
      O na moku o Hawai`i nei
      Ho`opa`a mai `oe i ke aloha
      Ke aloha ku pa`a o ka`âina

      Respond O Kaho`olawe
      Isle in the Pacific
      Surrounded by the ocean
      There lies the passage to Tahiti
      It is you that I love
      As I observe the floating ships
      They confort my love
      And admiration for the sea

      Reddened plains of Moa`ula
      The gulches of Kamohio
      The billow of Kanapou
      The land I love
      I ride on a swift horse
      As I look toward the setting sun
      The Moae breeze caresses me
      The wind of that land

      Aloha to you, O Kaho`olawe
      Isle in the Pacific
      Well-known is your name to all
      Inherited by all the people
      The children, heirs and descendants
      Of all the islands of Hawaii
      Fixed love for it is within u
      Steadfast love for the land

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