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3571Re: Baaaaad stuff

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  • Cadia Los
    Dec 10, 2003
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      Yes, TJ, I do my own spam control and ban members whose e-mail
      addresses I do not like. Most are fairly easy to spot and most are
      Yahoo based. Believe me, I've eliminated more potential spam than
      you'll ever know. The Yahoo addresses are also reported to the ISP.

      Occasionally an offensive message slips past me, even though I
      override memberships at least once a day unless I am away from home.

      The next step would be for me to moderate every single message --
      which means that no messages would go through immediately and would
      have to wait for my approval. (Certain members are already
      moderated, including some who have not yet sent a message.) This
      could cause a delay of up to 24 hours, more if I am traveling.

      If moderation is what group members want, then I'll be glad to do
      it. However, any group member can always eliminate offensive
      messages from e-mail by selecting "no e-mail" as a preference and
      simply visiting the group website to view and respond to messages.
      You can then select which messages you wish to read and ignore the

      If anyone wishes to comment, please send me a private e-mail at


      or use


      Thank you,