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35601924 Honolulu Star-Bulletin

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  • keith2draw
    Dec 8, 2003

      A while ago I ordered microfilm for Jan-June 1924...and they only sent me film for
      March and June of that year. I suppose the other months were not available.

      Following are some stories that appeared in March:

      Various advertisements and articles for the Mardi Gras Ball, which was sponsored by
      Cross-Roads Studios, and staged by Don Blanding and Frank Moore. Event was held
      on March 4 at Waikiki Park - tickets were $1.50 general admission and $2.00 for box

      A nice photograph of James A. "Kimo" Wilder at an easel appeared on March 1st.

      There were various ads for exhibits at Cross-Roads Studios, including etchings by
      Iwalani Basler, Huc Luquiens, A. S. MacLeod, and J. Bernard Shiffer. D. Howard
      Hitchcock had a showing starting on March 12th. Madge Tennent had another
      showing starting March 24th.

      Don wrote an article on March 26th titled "Unusual Exhibit of Leading Artists Obtained
      For Honolulu" which was about an upcoming Cross-Roads exhibit of the Salmagundi
      Club of New York, a painter's group of which Frank Moore was a member.

      There was a mention of the upcoming Quat'z Arts ball which was planned for friday,
      April 25th. Get this, the name of the ball was going to be called


      I would have loved to have been in attendance for that one! Clifford Gessler wrote a
      cryptic verse in one of his weekly columns, Slants:

      Bow wow wow!
      Whose ball art thou?
      Kimo's of Blanding's ball,
      Quat'z Arts, Wow!

      What do you make of that Cadia?

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