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3541Honolulu Star-Bulletin -- January -April 14, 1954

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  • Cadia Los
    Nov 20, 2003
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      I've just finished reading Star-Bulletin microfilm for January
      through April 14, 1954. I expected the weekly Saturday columns, but
      there were a few surprises, too.

      February 4, 1954: An obit for Helen K. Wilder, a sister of James
      (Kimo) Wilder. She died at 83 in Santa Cruz, California. She was
      the founder in 1897 of the Honolulu Humane Society.

      March 8, 1954: An article about Mike Roberts and DB as they prepare
      a new edition of "Colorful Hawaii," originally published in 1945.
      The article also mentions DB's work on the forthcoming "Hawaii says
      Aloha," a 250-word sketch for Standard Oil's series of pictures and
      new Lei Day verses. Includes a photo of DB and Roberts.

      March 20, 1954: A 3-page article in Hawaiian Life (magazine section)
      about Charles Frazier, who was apparently a well-known and
      accomplished photographer. The article is by Urban M. Allen and
      mentions William Twigg-Smith. "To most present-day photographers
      in "awaii, Charlie Frazier is almost legendary. He is virtually last
      of the school of oldtimers that included Bert Tarleton, William Twigg-
      Smith, Arthur Jones and John Word Caldwell, among others." Includes
      cover and several other Frazier photos.

      March 20, 1954: Grace Tower Warren -- who suggested May 1 as Lei
      Day -- is still writing a column for the Star-Bulletin. This one
      mentions her husband, John Trenholm Warren as being comptroller and
      business manager in the 1930s for the Kamehameha Schools whose
      founder was Bernice Pauahi Bishop. Mr. Warren had collected several
      songs that were bound into the schools' Founder's Day Book.

      March 27, 1954: A 2-page article titled "Excuse My Back" by DB on
      organist Edwin Sawtelle, his friend since the 1920s. Includes a
      wonderful cover photo of Sawtelle's hands on the organ keys, one of
      Sawtelle seated at the organ with back to camera, plus a photo of him
      with Baron, his prize-winning German Shepherd.

      April 3, 1954: A charming article by Grace Tower Warren about hats.
      It mentions that Mrs. Warren was married in 1909, the year of "willow
      plumes" and that floppy hats were "all the rage ... when Fanny
      Heaslip Lea (the first Mrs. hamilton Pope Agee) came here as a bride."

      April 6, 1954: A photo of DB and Edith Hope Genee as she arrived for
      a 3-week visit in Hawaii. She is described as "president of
      California's Chaparral Poetry Socierty, the largest poetry group in
      the West." She was staying with Mrs. Edwin Sawtelle of 2270 Kalakaua

      April 7, 1954: An article on the first of Honolulu's Art Marts, to
      be held on May 1 (Lei Day) at the suggestion of DB. "Artists will
      display their works on the Honolulu Zoo fence nearest the corner of
      Kalakaua and Monsarrat Avenues."

      Among the weekly DB columns are two that contribute much to
      our "picture" of DB. One describes DB's love of good food and
      ongoing battle with gaining weight. Another tells of an early family
      get-together when all 14 visiting cousins, ages 3 to 13, came down
      with measles -- in midwinter Minnesota. The latter contains a
      description of grandmother -- "no bigger than a minute" -- laying
      down down the law about everybody getting along. I'm guessing
      that grandma was Mrs. Kimble since the gathering was held at Aunt
      Ada's suggestion and possibly at her home in Minnesota. No year is
      mentioned but it probably was sometime between 1897 and 1907.

      I'm way behind schedule in transcribing the weekly columns and other
      items gleaned from the Star-Bulletin. But I'll try to do at least
      one every day through the next few months. I think I'll start with
      DB's tribute to Ed Sawtelle -- it's a long piece but very much worth

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