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3516Inspired by Don Blanding

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  • keith2draw
    Nov 5, 2003
      Has anyone ever heard of the writers Tim Powers or James P. Blaylock?

      Tim Powers is 52, lives in Southern California, and is an accomplished Science
      Fiction/Fantasy/Adventure writer with quite a fan following. James P. Blaylock is 54,
      also lives in California, and has an equally large following for his fantasy/horror/
      adventure stories. The two authors grew up together, are good friends, and have even
      collaborated on some projects.

      Blaylock published a book last year titled "the Man in the Moon," for which Tim
      Powers wrote the foreword to. In his forword (p.8) Tim Powers mentions that in their
      youth, he and Blaylock bought books by Don Blanding, and William Gerhardie, at a
      used bookstore, and speculates that the books were the inspiration for the "G.
      Smithers" stories (a fictional author who writes within some of Blaylock's books.)

      Just an interesting, but trivial Blanding note