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3515Re: DB and my great grandfather

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  • keith2draw
    Nov 4, 2003
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      I looked in my notes and found at least one occasion where Twigg
      Smith and Don
      Blanding exhibited in the same art show. It sounds like they hung out
      in the same
      arty crowd.

      The exhibition was in January of 1923 and held at Gurrey's Art
      Center, located at the
      former Cunha Saloon. It was titled 'The Young Man's Show' and the
      general focus was
      to allow six of the city's prominent commercial artists a venue to
      display their fine art

      The entrants were William M. Gillies, Martin R. Aden, Twigg Smith, A.
      S. McLeod, John
      Poole, and of course Don Blanding. Blanding had a portrait of Fanny
      Heaslip Lea's
      daughter, as well as two mythological paintings he was commissioned
      to paint for the
      library; a centaur and a tiger hunt. Twigg Smith had five insect
      renderings that he
      produced for the experiment station of the Hawaii Sugar Planters'
      Association, and
      also contributed one of his famous "Rainbow Houses."

      William Gillies is the person Blanding stayed with for a short time
      in 1931 in Westport,
      Conn. after he left New York City. Martin Aden was a co-worker of
      Don's at the Star-
      Bulletin, who illustrated the program for Tropics Topics. McLeod and
      Poole of course
      also worked at the SB, and contributed drawings for Don's early
      Honolulu books.

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