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  • keith2draw
    Oct 25, 2003
      Does anyone recognize the following poem:

      I do not weep to find my idol's feet are clay
      Because I know most man-made idols are that way.
      The thing that brings great gusts of grief o'er me...
      I find my idol's head is solid ivory.
      --Don Blanding

      It appears in an original copy of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin from
      1926 that I'm selling on ebay (3249788639) and I wondered if it
      appears in any of his books in later years.

      I'm also selling a 1936 book of poetry by Harriet Gallet which has an
      illustration by Blanding in it. (3249780882)

      I've also listed another batch of 75th Anniversary Posters.

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