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  • keith2draw
    Oct 22, 2003
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      In 1933 Blanding wrote the poem "Let Us Dream," which was also the
      title of the book
      the poem appears in. The poem was dedicated to Laura Levering, who I
      believe was
      also mentioned in the Maloney thesis as the person who introduced
      Blanding to the
      NYC art scene in 1928.

      I got an email a few years ago from someone who owned a letter
      written by Blanding
      to Laura Levering, but unfortunately, I lost contact with this person
      before I could
      obtain a copy of the letter. Too bad, as it might have shed some
      light on Don's NYC
      years, a fuzzy period in my research.

      Today I came across an obituary for Laura in the New York Times...she
      died on Dec.
      23, 1964 in Greewich, Conn. Through that I tracked down her son
      Walter, who is still
      alive and Living in NYC at the age of 98. He didn't know or remember
      Blandinng, but
      will ask around the family to see if any of them did.

      Walter is the oldest living member of the 1933 Yale football team, a
      former Wall
      Street Stock Broker, and an arctic explorer...a very interesting man.

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