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3467Re: [aloha-donblanding] Living Trusts - DB

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  • Al Dayton
    Oct 14, 2003
      This is an opinion and since I was born in Lawton, I am biased even
      though I haven't lived there for over 45 years. I visited DB exhibit at
      the Museum of the Great Plains, the exhibit in Carmel, and the History
      Room at the Hotel in Maui (I think the hotel was the Intercontinental,
      but I think it has change hands since I was there and I do not know the
      new name). At one time, the hotel had a dining room called Hula Moons
      but that has gone away. I got the feeling that the Maui Hotel was not
      that interested but the gentleman running it was. However he seemed
      confused about a few facts and I got the feeling that he might not be at
      the Hotel very long. I don't know if the Honolulu Academy of Arts is
      really interested in DB, but I met and talked to two of the people at
      the Great Plains Museum and I think they would really appreciate the
      collection. Even though DB was a Vagabond, he did return to Lawton
      often and was well thought of by the people of Lawton. I know my
      parents went to hear him on one of his last trips to Lawton. What ever
      you do, I hope it is appreciated.

      tjmarkle@... wrote:

      > This is an open message to all as I am seeking some information
      > and advice. When I retired, my wife and I had a living trust set up
      > and I did not include my extensive Blanding collection into the
      > Trust. So, I am now editing the Trust to include it, so that I know
      > it goes where I want it to go. For years I have been collecting and
      > buying all of DB's stuff that I could afford, as I'm sure most of you
      > know. Now, I want to ensure that it gets to a museum that would know
      > enough about DB to honor his work and the collection. I have in mind
      > either the Great Plains Museum or the Honolulu Academy of Arts, if
      > they would be interested. I'm sure Great Plains would gladly take my
      > collection. I have conflicts with that donation however, as I feel
      > DB's heart and soul was in Hawaii. Additionally, I had hoped that
      > those of us with collections, or prized pieces might also donate to
      > the same museum, which ever it is. I think it would be a shame to not
      > coordinate our efforts in this regard. Any thoughts on this?????
      > Secondly, I am planning on having my collection appraised. I'm
      > not sure of how to do this other than calling Butterfields in San
      > Francisco, which might be quite expensive for me. Has anyone been
      > involved in appraisals or could you offer advice on how to do it? My
      > collection is pretty broad, with lots of paper items, newspapers,
      > Vernonware, books and of course Da Box from Carmel that was found.
      > I'm not sure that some appraisers would even know who DB was, I don't
      > want to use that kind of appraiser for sure.
      > I'd appreciate any and all info, input, advice, etc. Aloha.....tj
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