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3457Don Blanding Posters For Sale

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  • keith2draw
    Oct 10, 2003
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      To commemmorate the anniversary of the publication of Vagabond's
      House, 75 years ago this month, I've had two limited-edition posters
      specially printed.

      The two lithographic designs are printed on high-quality paper with
      rubber-based ink. I scanned the Blanding artwork and vectorized them
      to create crisp updated images.

      You can order a copy, or one of each, by going to Ebay and searching
      the auctions of seller keith2draw

      ...or paste this link in your browser window:

      ...or email me.

      Get them for Christmas gifts. All funds raised, as with my Blanding
      CDs, go towards my research fund.

      Keith Emmons
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