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3441Re: [aloha-donblanding] Re: Ed Sawtelle info?

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  • rlalder@aol.com
    Oct 4, 2003
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      Hi Cadia and everyone:

      Thanks for the message and info. Actually, I have found some interesting
      stuff, but have been hoping for more photos of Sawtelle. I was the last organist
      at the Waikiki Theatre and have started this webpage as a personal
      memorial...... <A HREF="http://www.geocities.com/hilobayatos/WaikikiTheatre.html">WAIKIKI THEATRE</A> and included this info about <A HREF="http://www.geocities.com/hilobayatos/Edwin_Sawtelle.html">Edwin Sawtelle</A>

      Bob Alder

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      > Hello, Bob ...
      > In reading the Star-Bulletin microfilm I come across Ed Sawtelle's
      > name frequently. Please look in Files: Publications: Honolulu Star-
      > Bulletin for whatever material I have posted. Also, you can search
      > the group messages by keyword to locate any that contain a mention of
      > Ed Sawtelle.
      > I do know that Ed's sons are deceased; not sure about any
      > grandchildren. Ed was organist at the Hawaii and possibly the
      > Princess theaters; he had a nightly radio program beginning in 1927
      > and also was involved in many of DB's musical extravaganzas between
      > 1925 and 1928, probably earlier.
      > I've just finished reading 1925 microfilm and and wrapping up 1953.
      > One of DB's 1953 S-B columns (in the Hawaiian Life magazine section
      > under the general heading, "Vagabond's House") is about Ed and
      > Carmen's dogs, Baron and Duchess. The column I read the other night
      > is about Baron's obedience training; another from later in the 1950s
      > mourns Baron's passing.
      > As many of the regulars here know, I have collected a great deal of
      > material about DB and his friends from the S-B but have not yet had a
      > chance to index all of it. While I am reading the 1954-1955 columns
      > this winter, I'm going to try getting the earlier material indexed
      > and properly filed.
      > If you would like to get an idea of how often Ed Sawtelle is
      > mentioned in the S-B or Advertiser, I suggest you get hold of the
      > Hawaii Newspaper Index (1929+) via the University of Hawaii or one of
      > the community colleges. Using the citations as a guide, you can
      > provide me with specific dates and I'll be glad to dig through my
      > files.
      > My working guide for 1929-1982 has been the citations for Don
      > Blanding, but I have usually copied material related to the Sawtelles
      > as well. Prior to 1929, the newspapers are not indexed so I have
      > read virtually every column inch between 1925 and 1928. I'll tackle
      > 1923 and 1924 after I've caught up with the 1953-1957 S-B columns
      > written weekly by DB.
      > In reading the November-December 1953 S-B's I've discovered that even
      > the newspaper index is not complete. I knew that the Saturday
      > columns do not appear in the index, but I am also finding a few
      > mentions of DB that are not in the index either.
      > Sigh. I may have a good deal more microfilm in my future than I
      > thought!
      > ~~Cadia
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