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3440Re: Ed Sawtelle info?

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  • Cadia Los
    Oct 4, 2003
      Hello, Bob ...

      In reading the Star-Bulletin microfilm I come across Ed Sawtelle's
      name frequently. Please look in Files: Publications: Honolulu Star-
      Bulletin for whatever material I have posted. Also, you can search
      the group messages by keyword to locate any that contain a mention of
      Ed Sawtelle.

      I do know that Ed's sons are deceased; not sure about any
      grandchildren. Ed was organist at the Hawaii and possibly the
      Princess theaters; he had a nightly radio program beginning in 1927
      and also was involved in many of DB's musical extravaganzas between
      1925 and 1928, probably earlier.

      I've just finished reading 1925 microfilm and and wrapping up 1953.
      One of DB's 1953 S-B columns (in the Hawaiian Life magazine section
      under the general heading, "Vagabond's House") is about Ed and
      Carmen's dogs, Baron and Duchess. The column I read the other night
      is about Baron's obedience training; another from later in the 1950s
      mourns Baron's passing.

      As many of the regulars here know, I have collected a great deal of
      material about DB and his friends from the S-B but have not yet had a
      chance to index all of it. While I am reading the 1954-1955 columns
      this winter, I'm going to try getting the earlier material indexed
      and properly filed.

      If you would like to get an idea of how often Ed Sawtelle is
      mentioned in the S-B or Advertiser, I suggest you get hold of the
      Hawaii Newspaper Index (1929+) via the University of Hawaii or one of
      the community colleges. Using the citations as a guide, you can
      provide me with specific dates and I'll be glad to dig through my

      My working guide for 1929-1982 has been the citations for Don
      Blanding, but I have usually copied material related to the Sawtelles
      as well. Prior to 1929, the newspapers are not indexed so I have
      read virtually every column inch between 1925 and 1928. I'll tackle
      1923 and 1924 after I've caught up with the 1953-1957 S-B columns
      written weekly by DB.

      In reading the November-December 1953 S-B's I've discovered that even
      the newspaper index is not complete. I knew that the Saturday
      columns do not appear in the index, but I am also finding a few
      mentions of DB that are not in the index either.

      Sigh. I may have a good deal more microfilm in my future than I

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