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  • tjmarkle@earthlink.net
    Oct 2, 2003
      Well, just got back from my 6 week Blandingmobile trip. I noticed that some of you didn't know what the Blandingmobile was. Well, Keith and I joked back and forth some years ago and we came up with that label for my 1992 29ft, Southwind motorhome. I travel in and at the time I was in the Carmel/Monterey area researching ole' DB. When you go on Keiths site and look at the thank you's, he lists my Blandingmobile. So, that's all it is.......This trip was futile for the most part. I went to most every antique shop and junk shop on my trip and most of the dealers hadn't even heard of DB. I only found one interesting item in Ashland Oregon but no big surprises for sure. Oh well, I had fun. I have 4 years of research in the Carmel Pine Cone to complete most of my Carmel/Monterey reviews. Then I can begin to collate my info into more concise form.
      Doesn't look like much activity on the net while I was gone. Too bad....tj
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