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3415Jessie Bacon Blanding (Don's older sister)

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  • keith2draw
    Jul 30, 2003
      TUESDAY, APRIL 11, 1899

      Miss Jessie Bacon Blanding, who was laid to rest Monday afternoon,
      was born in Anoka, Minn., March 15, 1876. When she was about a year
      old, the family moved to Aberdeen, Minn., thence to Garden City,
      Kas., thence to Kingfisher, Oklahoma City and Enid. In this list of
      towns she grew up much loved and respected, every one who knew her
      was her friend.

      She was educated and graduated from the public schools, but while
      living in Oklahoma City she attended a private German school which
      language she could talk quite fluently; she also took music lessons
      almost from infancy, hence was well educated in music.

      Miss Blanding was a member of the Episcopal church, but since her
      residence here has worshiped with the Presbyterian people. She died
      surrounded by her parents, brothers and close friends Saturday
      evening, April 8, 1899, of pneumonia, both lungs being affected. The
      funeral was well attended by the legions of mourning friends of the
      deceased. The funeral sermon was preached by the Rev. L. C. Walters,
      which was very impressive indeed. The church and burial case were
      handsomely decorated with a profusion of flowers.

      The singing of Mr. F. M. McClane on this occasion seemed to be
      inspired as it rolled through the church and the souls of the

      The pall bearers were Messrs. Archie W. Anderson, F. C. Champlin,
      Dr. E. F. K. Sparks, E. Watrous, V. W. Whiting and W. E. Cogdal.

      With these few sentences the WAVE bids a sad farewell to one of
      Enid's jewels. God only can heal the wounds her sudden departure
      made upon those who loved and respected her.

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      NOTES: We can assume that Jessie lived in Oklahoma City while the
      rest of the family resided in Enid or Kingfisher, perhaps boarding
      at the private German school. I did not know that the family ever
      lived in Kansas. When Jesse died, she was engaged to be married.
      Perhaps one of the pallbearers was her fiance.
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