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  • J.H.
    Jun 17, 2003
      It is sometimes difficult to run a forum, any forum, I have been running
      several of them for years, and there are always those, who get away from the
      subjects at hand.

      I've entered in a few items of our family, and even used pet names to
      acquaint the forum with the family, and their relationship with DB, and, I
      feel that my Mother and Her sister can at this time provide more info than
      almost anybody alive, about DB.

      My mother had a photographic memory when she was just a child, and still has
      a razor sharp memory about the era of the 1920s, but my Aunt also has a great
      memory, though.

      When you call them, I would maybe try to record the conversations, because
      the info, they give you, is probably irreplaceable, and I would think, that
      they will also give you their addresses so you can correspomd by "Mule mail".

      Cadia, a friend has scanned five photos, and I can send them by email, and he
      is going to get me the codes for them, so I could temporarily place them on
      the files section of the fourm, if that is permissable.

      The Photographs are two of Helen Hudson, and one each of Patrica, Elizabeth
      and Barbara, taken is about 1941-43, please advise on this.

      I spoke to my sister and she was interested in the forum also.

      My aunt and Mom, might be able to come up with some DB items? You will be
      able to ask more pertinate questions than I will.
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