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3293"Hold Me Forever"

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  • Bev Leinbach
    May 28, 2003
      Aloha Helen von Tempsky,

      Almost finished reading your Aunt Helen troy Elmore’s book. She reminds me
      of the writings of Charmian London in “Our Hawaii”.

      It is great to read about old Hawaii and recall what it was like. Your Aunt
      knew Charmian London also after Jack died. She is another interesting woman.
      Jack & she loved the Islands.

      Does your cousin recall Charmian & Don’s visits to her home in Hilo?

      Did the Elmore’s know Armine von Tempsky? She, sister Lorna and her brother
      Errol, visited Hilo on many occasions. Were the Elmore’s one of the families
      they stayed with?

      TJ & Keith,

      Helen Troy Elmore’s take on the change in Don’s attitude and philosophy
      would probable interest you and I can send copy of that part of the book if
      you want.

      I got my copy of “Hold Me Forever in San Clemente, Ca today and stopped by
      the shop where Michelle Stewart worked. She & Don (part of the Carmel show)
      will open their own Vintage Shop in San Clemente in Aug. I can hardly wait to


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