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3285Scotty Creager @ USC

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  • Bev Leinbach
    May 26, 2003
      Aloha Tom,

      von Tempsky
      Was your name shortened from von Tempsky. It is members of the Maj. Gustavus
      Ferdinand Von Tempsky & Emilia Ross Bell
      family that we are looking for. Helen von Tempsky who recently joined is a
      member of that family. Welcome Helen and hope all is well and settled with

      Scotty Creager

      Was Billie Jeans older brother and she had a older sister too.

      Mother Pinkie was 55 when she had Billie Jean.

      The Ackers do live in Az. and one daughter has all the things that Don and
      Scotty sent them. They are very proud of Uncle Don and anxious for his
      biography to be completed.

      Jack Ackers is very friendly as is his daughter whom I have visited with.

      There are photos in our files of Billie Jean, Scotty @ USC and Don with
      Scotty: Files, Photos, Family & Friends.

      I thought I had posted the photo of the art work that Don gave to Pinkie but
      can’t find it in our files. I’ll try to find it and post it. It is all
      original art work as you can see the pencil marks when you look close. No
      they don’t want to ever part with it.

      What we need to know is more information out of Chowchilla.
      The address of the house where Creager’s lived, which Jack did not remember at
      the time I talked with him or I forgot to
      Dates when Don & Scotty visited. Many from the stories told to me. Don &
      Scotty where at the wedding of Jack & Billie
      Jean, May 1945.


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