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3282DB in Hilo

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  • Helen von Tempsky
    May 25, 2003
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      Hello, I'm finally sending a message to all of you.
      My connecÝion to DB is through my aunt who lived in Hilo in the 20's & 30's
      In her book, HOLD ME FOREVER, by Helen Troy Elmore, c1971 by Vantage Press,
      she decribes Don on pages 53 & 54. It was after his marriage failed that "he
      took a sea trip on a freighter, searching for the life of his youth, hoping
      he could bring back that vagabond existence." While on the freighter a power
      spoke to him and told him what to do with the rest of his life. He later
      traveled around the US teaching Religious Science. This is accurate as far
      as my aunt and uncle were concerned.
      Aloha, Helen Troy von Tempsky
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