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3267sorry to burst your bubble, but. . .:)

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  • Michael Pfeffer
    May 3, 2003
      I will look at my library and figure the best book for you
      and let you know. As for the bubbles, I am afraid that
      fish dont really make bubbles.

      Even worse, the kinds of corals that DB depicted on the
      coral reef plates dont really look much like a lot of the
      corals we have here. In fact, they look more like corals
      one might find in the Caribbean or Gulf so perhaps his
      time in Florida helped shape his "tropical" thoughts. . .
      ? In any event, I dont imagine that he (or many people at
      all, really)was out there checking out the reef since
      snorkelling hadnt even been invented for the masses yet. I
      think he probably used pictures or examples that were
      brought up for sale by what divers there were as his

      It opens a whole new thought line about DB, do we know if
      he did any swimming or surfing or fishing or diving at

      Aloha, Michael

      On Sat, 3 May 2003 19:45:44 -0700 (PDT)
      tjmarkle@... wrote:

      Michael T. Pfeffer
      President& CEO
      Persis Corporation
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