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3244Re: Moonstone rings

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  • Cadia Los
    Apr 13, 2003

      From her note, Pam (Jeanne Wright's great-grandaughter) seems to have
      a great appreciation for the items handed down to her and wants to
      learn more. You refer, I think, to Judi, a niece of Grace Callahan,
      whose family sold or donated many Blanding artifacts to the Museum of
      the Great Plains in Lawton, Oklahoma. For that, we can all be

      Of course, as we know, DB himself gave away many of his belongings as
      he vagabonded through life. In a way, I'm glad he did; otherwise
      everything might have ended up in a museum vault to which we would
      not have access -- or the joy of the treasure hunt in which we now
      find ourselves.

      I share your dismay at the loss of the adobe dwelling. Perhaps only
      a tiny remnant of California's history, but precious nonetheless.

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