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3240Moonstone rings

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  • keith2draw
    Apr 13, 2003
      Hi all. We just returned back from a three-week jaunt to South
      Africa, and I see you have an interesting thread going.

      In December I received the following email:

      My name is Judi (Nottleson) Woodard. Grace Nottleson Callahan was
      my father's sister, and close friend to Edythe H.G. We had my Aunt
      Grace, Edythe, and Don Blanding in our home one Christmas when I was
      a child. I remember him being a large, tall man. Edythe was also
      tall and very striking. Edythe and my Aunt shared Edythe's home in
      their latter days.

      Edythe died first and left her estate to my Aunt. When my Aunt died,
      my twin brother and I inherited her estate, along with what Edythe
      had left her. All of the jewelry was left to me--the rest was split
      50/50 with my brother. Among the jewelry was a moon stone ring
      (very beautiful and unique--one of a kind I'm told) that Don Blanding
      had specially designed for Edythe. With the ring is a tiny little
      note written by Don Blanding to Edythe. I have the ring and note in
      a safety deposit box for safe keeping.

      My Aunt shard with me when I became an adult that Edythe and Don
      Blanding were more than just working partners. They were
      romantically involved. Don adored her and among many gifts he gave
      her was this ring. It's set in 18 kt gold with gorgeous detailing
      around the large, oval shaped moon stone (from Hawaii). I've had
      several jewelers look at it and they all tell me it's priceless and
      probably one of a kind. I had a photo of Don Blanding wearing one
      that matched it, and also a photo of Edythe wearing the one I now
      have. Many of Don Blanding's things were sold to a gentleman who
      wanted to place them into a Don Blanding museum in Oklahoma (I can't
      remember the city).

      I have one box of his things that I kept, but it's stored somewhere
      in my garage. It would be a monumental task to find the box, but
      perhaps one day my husband and I will spend some time looking for
      it. I really regret getting rid of all the things we had. I had the
      shirts he wore in Hawaii, romantic letters he wrote to Edythe, and
      tons of photos--some of him with movie stars, some of him with
      Edythe, and lots of photos of Don Blanding himself.

      We still don't know where Don's moonstone ring is, but at least we
      have more to go on now....Keith
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