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3237Re: [aloha-donblanding] Re: Moonstone ring of DB's

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  • kenneth klein
    Apr 12, 2003
      Well, Mary never spoke to me about Don Blanding, but it's clear he and she were well acquainted. I have a photo album of hers that has mostly photos of trips she took to such places as Morro Bay, mountain resorts, Monterey, San Francisco, and Mexico. Interspersed are personal photos, mostly of Mary and people I never knew. Two feature Don Blanding: one of him standing in his studio, surrounded by bookshelves and drawings/prints of his on the wall; the second (several pages later) has him standing beside a lake, feeding a bunch of ducks. In the front of the album there are some loose items: her marriage certificate and a photo of her with (I guess) her husband, a photo of Edythe Hope Genee, and four loose photos of Blanding, all signed and two of them addressed to her ("M.E.C"). And one of these two is dated April 3, 1945.

      As well, I have several Blanding prints signed "To Mary."

      My assumption is that Mary knew Edythe and Blanding through her involvement in the Chaparrel Poets, and that is how my father came to know her. He (my father) and Edythe were co-editors of the Hollywood High Evening School newspaper for a time, before the war. Some 20 years later, as editor of The American Bard, Edythe contracted with my father to print the magazine, and this introduced him to a whole group of poets and printing their books formed a good part of his business for the rest of his working life. Some, such as Mary Cox, became close family friends. I wish I could tell you more, and I'll bet there is much more that is knowable. It all takes digging...

      --Ken Klein


      > But I am much more interested in Mary Cox!
      > Kenneth, could you tell us more about her connection to DB? As it
      > happens, this week I received a copy of "Mostly California" into
      > which has been glued a secondary front end page inscribed to Mary
      > Cox. The typed message is dated November 4, 1948, but the signature
      > carries a date of November 6. The inscription refers to a photo of
      > DB that was attached to the separate page. Alas, the photo is no
      > longer attached, but the imprint of the paper clip is still visible.
      > I'll scan and/or transcribe the page when I get a chance this weekend.
      > ~~Cadia
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