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  • Cadia Los
    Apr 2 2:48 PM
      Condolences on the loss of your mother.

      While there are several typos in the transcription of "Someday," I
      think Dorothea may have found an appropriate piece to read at the
      memorial service.

      Consider, too, that Don Blanding wrote two pieces titled "Somehow";
      one appears in Flowers of the Rainbow, p. 44, and clearly refers to
      living in Hawaii:

      Somehow here the moon is nearer,
      Warmer, brighter. Stars are clearer;
      Days of summer linger longer;
      Laughs are gayer; love is stronger;
      Sea is bluer; clouds are whiter;
      Music lilts to rhythms lighter;
      Mountain sides and valleys greener;
      Ocean breezes, fresher, cleaner,
      Fruits have richer, sweeter flavor;
      Zest of life has keener savor;

      Somehow welcome here is truer;
      Every morning sun is newer;
      Every sunset blazes brighter;
      Sorrow's weary burden slighter;
      People play with more abandon,
      Feet seem made to dance . . . not stand on.

      Really, these are facts I'm giving.
      Life down here seems more like living.

      The second "Somehow" appears in Pilot Bails Out, p. 35 and seems a
      likely candidate:

      I've tried for many an hour and minute
      To think of this world without me in it.
      I can't imagine a new-born day
      Without me here . . . somehow . . . some way.
      I cannot think of the autumn's flare
      Without me here . . . alive . . . aware.
      I can't imagine a dawn in spring
      Without my heart awakening.

      These treasured days will come and go
      At swifter pace . . . but this I know . . .
      I have no fear . . . I have no dread
      Of that marked day that lies ahead.
      My flesh will turn to ash and clay
      But I'll be here . . . somehow . . . some way.

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