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3216Re: [aloha-donblanding] Trading

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  • Michael Pfeffer
    Apr 2, 2003
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      odds are that I have these items. I actually don't have too much in blue HF as I sold my set last year (I know, crazy foolishness, but it was a moment of weakness). I will go through my data base and see what I have. I dont usually like to sell the sugar bowl without the creamer, but I may have extras. . . Also, I assume you are talking about the regular sugar bowl and not the tall or demi???

      As for the color variation, I think the test plate shows that they had two distinct lighter pink colors and then the darker maroon. I agree however, that there is significant variation in the transfer process from batch to batch. I have some maroon that seems a bit browner than normal and some that is "washed out" looking. I will try and take a picture of what I think are clear examples of each color side by side and post them for perusal.

      Aloha, Michael
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      From: tjmarkle2003
      To: aloha-donblanding@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Wednesday, April 02, 2003 7:41 AM
      Subject: [aloha-donblanding] Trading

      tj has a need to find a maroon Coral Reef sugar bowl and a Blue Hawaiian
      flowers sugar bowl. I've been waiting and waiting but they just don't seem to
      come up by themselves. So, I have some duplicate pieces and some
      duplicate books of DB's that I can trade around if anyone out there has what I
      want. This is a bit desperate, but, I really did want to complete those sets if at
      all possible. Any takers out there or am I going to be laughed off the circuit?
      Also, there is some discussion about the maroon transfer print colors. I
      have looked at my Hawaiian fllowers sets in maroon and think I see three
      possible variations. One is the dark maroon, very clear and bright. I have a
      maroon sugar that is lighter but appears to be more of a poor quality transfer
      with some blotching or fading appearance to it. I also have a maroon berry
      bowl (one with the wings on it) that is clearly lighter and sort of a pinker
      maroon but doesn't appear to be faded/blotched, etc, this appears to be a true
      original color.
      I also think some of the quality issues need to be considered as we all
      know these items were mass produced and I for one would not doubt a
      difference in color just due to inconsistent application of the transfer print
      I am an amatuer tile installer and have run into the same problem with tiles
      from the same manufacturer having a slightly different shade. Consequently, I
      have to match up the production numbers to ensure a color match. The same
      can be true of the transfer print process (I would think). So, we might not have
      three different colors, but maybe different batches run at separate times, much
      like the tiles......tj

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