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3210Re: [aloha-donblanding] "Somehow"

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  • Dorothea Heil
    Apr 1, 2003
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      > My mother recently died and she wanted to have the poem "Somehow"
      > read at her memorial service. Can anyone provide me that poem?
      > Tks

      I'm surprised at you folks, Surely your mother mustr have meant "Someday" by
      Don Blanding which appeared in "FLOWERS OF THE RAINBOW"

      Someday when Deah with callous careless hands
      Strikes from my grasp the lovely gift of life,
      Shatters the crystal....stills my hot demands
      For songs of color and the surge of strife,
      Chills my warm blood and numbs this flesh of mine,
      Stifles the laugh that answers death with mirth,
      Withers the lips that drink love's perfumed wine,
      Blurs the quick senses....renders all to earth,
      Then you, who are my friend, take what remains
      When scorching flames have had their cruel way
      And go to that high place where summer rains
      And moon-mists drift and lunar-rainbows play,
      There with a few gay ghosts of memories,
      Shadows of joys wenew, bid quick farewell
      And scatter my futile ashes on the breeze....
      The mountain thrushes' songs will be my knell.

      For this will be a restless dust of mine
      Seeking the places that I have loved and knew,
      Haunting fhe beaches' golden wave-kissed line,
      Searching the glades where ginger blossoms grew,
      Drifting along the trade- winds vagrant way,
      Riding the jade-green surf's onrushing crest,
      'Til on a fture lazy blessed day
      My tired spirit finds gray dreamless rest.

      My condolences to you my unknown friend and may your Mom rest in peace.
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