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  • tjmarkle@earthlink.net
    Mar 22, 2003
      Maui Tom: Did you get a copy of the Arrinton's Inn Traveler Spring edition magazine? It contains an article on the Vagabond House Inn in Carmel. The article contains a good reference to Blanding quoted from myself. This is primarily an industry magazine and doesn't seem to be on the newstands per se. I'm still working on getting your Inn featured. They publish quarterly. We need to work on the Spring or Summer edition of 2004 as I know they plan way ahead. If it worked, we could feature your Inn and Blandings Lei Day on Maui. Wouldn't that be fun! We could get Michael to show his beautiful collection and I could contribute some of my things also. We'll see what happens but I haven't given up.
      I also will be having lunch with a local Sacramento Antique dealer that I mentioned before. She is a close relative of Mitzie Eaton (Carmel puppet plays). She is coming to my house to see my collection and will also bring some of DB's belonging that he gave away when he moved from Carmel and evidently gave to Mitzie. You know he gave everything away when he left and I guess this is more proof that he actually did this.
      During this year, I am going to create my own personal website, not like Keith's or Cadia's, but to feature my own collection and efforts. I'm working on some of it now, scanning in some pictures, etc.
      So much for now. aloha.......My our troops be safe and Bush learns how to be a diplomat some day.......tj
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